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Mahirr Application

Mahirr - India’s First Labour Ecosystem Mobile Application intends to Upskill & Uplift the Livelihood of the Shramiks helping them from securing better work opportunities, appropriate earnings, and having update knowledge with first of its kind labour-oriented ecosystem. The gaps between rural-urban and interstate development has forced people from populous states to move to urban areas with Industrialization & development projects; seeking employment opportunities. Almost 20% of the workforce, migrant labourers are vital to every economic sector, especially the informal sector and MSMEs, constituting nearly 50% of India’s GDP. The Covid-19 pandemic triggered exodus is a sudden reversal of this cumulative migration of seven decades effecting the infrastructure sector with the loss of labour from host states and learning that the Labourers are the most effected community left with no help and eco-system around them.

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Mahirr Mobile Apps

Mahirr aims to organise the unorganized Indian Labour market through digitalisation


Shramiks can view & apply the list of available jobs


It enlists a variety of video tutorial and training modules to help them upscale their talents


Shramik Card

A card which will act as Identity to help apply for jobs in any State


Shramiks can earn through making referrals