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Asit Sahoo

Columbia Business School & NITIE Alum, Asit is an entrepreneur with experience in Consulting & Investment banking. Having worked with global giants such as EY & Nomura, he has made corporate level strategies for multiple businesses. He has previously founded affordable health solutions for both rich and poor. Working remotely sometimes from New York and sometimes from California office, he helps us strategize with his diverse experience and exposure to global market. He is passionate to impact lives of million, by bridging the gap between classes and masses. Years back, he has taken a 16 day “Jagriti train yarta” to understand the impediment faced by workers to uplift themselves from shackles of servitude. Ever since then, he has turned every stone to provide a sustainable solution. Besides making business cases, you can find him trekking on Western Ghats & Himalayas.


Harish Kumar

Mahirr-"Shramev Bharat" is first of its kind tech-based unique Labour Management Platform in India, dedicated only for migrant labour, to notify work availability and provide entertainment options. It is a geo-location-based Demographic Labour Mapping Platform for unique aggregation and allocation. It comes along the unique toll-free number with activated IVR Data Pooling and support. Its LBS Fetch technology will track individuals (labourers) scattered across India (demography-wise and along with their LIVE location).Mahirr aims to organise the Indian Labour market through digitalisation, to increase the per capita income of each household.