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Transforming Shramiks into Smart Shramiks

Mahirr-"Shramev Bharat" is first of its kind tech-based unique Labour Management Platform, dedicated only for labours helping them connect professionally with digital India. It will enable Shramiks to find their choice of work and negotiate without involving a third party. It has learning tools that will help Shramiks upscale their skills with its learning tools, helping them transform into Smart Shramiks. It also provides entertainment options.
It is a geo-location-based Demographic Labour Mapping Platform for unique aggregation and allocation. It comes along the unique toll-free number with activated IVR Data Pooling and support. Its LBS Fetch technology will track individuals (labourers) scattered across India (demography-wise and along with their LIVE location.) Mahirr aims to organise the Indian Labour market through digitalisation, to increase the per capita income of each household.

Mahirr - Shramev Bharat

Our Work Process

  • 01


    Employers can create a login to post open vacancies at construction sites

  • 02


    Mahirr uses its Geo Location based system to make the posting visible to Shramiks

  • 03


    Shramiks uses Mahirr’s IVR technology to apply for jobs

  • 04


    Mahirr manages Attendance & Payroll for both Shramiks & Employers

  • 05


    We are available to solve queries of our users

  • 06


    Mahirr team continuously uses user feedback to improvise Mahirr experience

पहचान | रोजगार | सम्मान

Mahirr Mobile Apps

Mahirr aims to organise the unorganized Indian Labour market through digitalisation


Shramiks can view & apply the list of available jobs


It enlists a variety of video tutorial and training modules to help them upscale their talents


Shramik Card

A card which will act as Identity to help apply for jobs in any State


Shramiks can earn through making referrals

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